About Damia Frangie, our designer...

About our designer…

Ayounik is a Fashion Jewelry brand, specializing in bracelets that are completely handmade!

My name is Damia Frangie, I'm the creator and designer of the brand.

I'm Venezuelan/Lebanese. That's why the brand's name is a word in arabic that means "Your Eyes". I grew up with a big influence of both cultures, a mix between the Middle East and the West, even fashion-wise.

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. I went to law school and graduated as a lawyer, after that I became a broadcaster and had a few radio shows about music, fashion and pop culture. At the same time I was working as a fashion stylist and producer at HOLA! Magazine.

Without knowing it, I was creating my own path into the venezuelan fashion industry, I was gaining experience and networking for what would later become my biggest passion and adventure.

On May 2014 i founded AYOUNIK in Venezuela and immediately, thanks to the internet, we were selling worldwide.

Every piece comes with the brand name written in a small Eye Charm. For some people, including me, this is also a protection. 

There's a mystery behind eyes and the power of a look in the Middle East. In that culture, the eye is consider a form of protection against jealousy and envy.

In less than 6 months after we started (as a company) we were already in 45 stores around our home country. At the same time we also had stores buying Ayounik pieces around the world.

All of our bracelets are completely handmade. We have high quality standards. They are fun, unique, and colorful!

 No body can settle for only 1...you always want more! 

I love everything that's shiny, colorful and diferent! We work with materials like crystals, miyuki beads, seed beads, Czech beads, cotton thread ropes etc.

Our production capacity can reach more than 1000 handmade bracelets a day! 

Also, we can do any style under request, we can customize and create special edition pieces, you can contact us directly for more information about this. 

For example: birthdays, mothers day, valentines day, halloween, holidays, Pride month, weddings, company logo, parties etc.

We have sent bracelets everywhere, our products have become a customer's favorite around the world. 

I work to create not just statement pieces, but happy pieces.

I love to bring joy to people who wear my designs! 

Thanks for visiting us!



"Happy accessories for a happier you!"